CBD Commercials on the Super Bowl

In 2019 the Superbowl showcased Baristas’ EnrichaRoast CBD coffee ads. Will there be new CBD Superbowl commecials for 2020? Corporations are getting involved with CBD now and are looking to push out the original producers of CBD that focus on a more farm to table type of approach. As CBD becomes more popular it is also obvious that the quality with go down as well.


Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart seem like a weird duo. You never know what these guys are working on. It is rumored though that Martha Stewart is working on a CBD Skincare brand. Martha Stewart most likely knows her skin care products but does she understand the different qualities of CBD?


The CBD industry was built on tinctures that can be taken orally. As the corporate takeover advances, we will see less high quality products and more mass marketed products that market toward certain industries. Before you know it you will most likely see CBD in sugary drinks such as soda and CBD energy drinks.


The truth is, there are high quality CBD producers and mass quantity CBD producers. And I can assure you that the high quality producers are in the shadows while mass produced CBD is becoming the mainstream.


You are best off buy high quality CBD and then adding it to the products of your choice. If you want a CBD coffee then all you have to do is drop some CBD into your coffee. If you want CBD in your beauty products then you can add CBD to your beauty products as well. Many people already do this but it will stop happening as much as the American population wants instant gratification and DIYers are starting to become the minority.


If you want CBD products to be effective than try a quality product like 4 Corners Cannabis. These products are not only extremely effective but are also void of many toxins and pesticides that you will find in other products.


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